Traditional Caribbean Vienna Cake



The first time I had one of these cakes was when I was  7. In St. Croix we have many cultural events throughout the year. My vote for favorite day has to go to Food Fair Day. There you can get many foods that are known throughout the Caribbean. Paté, Roti, Johnny Cake, Blood Pudding. But of course just like any other culture you are afraid to try a few things. It has been about 16 years over do for me to try that blood pudding thing. I don’t know, it just sounds a little too carnivorous. Don’t get me wrong I love meat  but there’s a limit.

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Anyway, back to what I was saying their is no other thing I love more than a Caribbean Vienna Cake or as we call it in the Caribbean, Vienna Cake. The vendor that actually sells the cake need to make sure that they have a significant amount before they start selling. From standing in line for over thirty minutes for it, one 13 inch round cake would last about 15 to 20 minutes on a good day. There’s always that moment when the cake is finished and you think to yourself, “is that it. Is that all. I stood in the this line do long for nothing.” But then you see the cake lady reach under the table and reach for another cake. Then the cherry on top is getting the first slice out of the new cake; which is inexplicably satisfying and better than any other slice of cake

Now since these events aren’t so frequent here in the Virgin Islands, and I need my fix every now and then I decided that I need my own recipe for family gatherings and sometimes for myself, which are in most cases the same thing (meaning I eat all the cake at family gatherings.)



3 cups flour

2 cups white granulated sugar

3 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 milk

6 eggs

4 sticks of butter

2 teaspoons vanilla extract


6 Cups confectioners sugar

1/8 cup milk

1 cup butter

3 teaspoons vanilla extract


Three different flavors of jams and or preserves



In your stand mixer, mix together your butter and sugar for eight minutes. Two at a time, add your eggs in, wait 30 seconds until adding the next two. When all combined throw in vanilla extract, baking  powder and salt in. Split your flour and milk into 2 equal parts. First pour in the first part of milk, then your first part of flour. Continue this step one more time. This will ensure a smooth cake and absolutely no clumps.

In this recipe you should use to round 8 inch pans , make sure to line it with parchment paper to make sure nothing sticks. Place this in the oven at 350 degrees (Fahrenheit.) There are two tricks to know when your cake is ready. First press the top of the cake down softly and if it immediately pops back up its cooked. The second way is to get a tooth pick and stick it in the cake and pull it out, if there are little to no crumbs your cake is ready. Level the top of the cakes and the make two layers out of each cake.


Whip the softened butter, salt and vanilla until it turns a pale white colour. Toss in the confectioners sugar one cup at a time, each time make sure all of the sugar is well incorporated.


Put your first cake on the turn table. To make sure it is stable, smear a bit of icing at the bottom. Put a thin layer of your jam on the bottom layer, then put your second cake layer. Repeat this step with the rest of your flavors. when your cake is fully stacked, its time to crumb coat.IMG_2227.JPG




Using an off-set spatula or a long straight knife, coat your cake with a thin layer of icing. After place in fridge. It is now free to decorate. (For and ombre effect or more clarity on anything watch this video)


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4 months 12 days ago

Keep pushing forth young chef!! This cake reminds me of my Grandmother’s, you did a wonderful job!! Please make coconut tart or guava tart soon! I just submitted to your channel!

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